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Based on a popular legend

Based on a popular legend, two Justinian monks were said to have successfully smuggled silk worm cocoons in their staffs. This incident revolutionized the sericulture as this marked the spread of sericulture to Greece and to neighboring regions. Southern Europe has adopted the silk culture and at around 6th or 7th century CE, sericulture industry has been practiced throughout Europe. Soon after,discount imac, the larger regions of France,Separately, Portugal and Spain adopted the trade.

Liz Dunn, an analyst at Macquarie Group said that the quarter was really impressive and the two operational highlights were a North American comparable-store sales gain and an improvement in gross margin, reported MarketWatch.Dunn has an outperform over the stock.
Revenue for the quarter came in at 1.19 billion dollars, topping the consensus estimate of 1.18 billion dollars. Sales at stores open at least a year in North America increased 1 percent in the quarter.

Lady Hsi-Ling-Shih is the Goddess of Silk for she first sponsored the cultivation of the silk worms. She was also credited for having introduced the loom. However,cheap apple iphone 5, it is doubtful if she is beyond legend or not. Later in that period, mulberry trees were cultivated as food for the silk worms.

For over two thousand years, the knowledge of cultivating the silk worms and the production of the fibers were kept secret in China. This is done to keep the monopoly of silk cloth. In those years, exporting live silk worms is considered as a capital crime to further protect the secret of the precious silk cloth. However in 200 BCE, the art of silk culture was transported to Korea through the Chinese immigrants. And around 1oo year later, the art spread through Asia. Silkworms were eventually smuggled out of Asia to Greece, Middle East, India and North Africa. The trading route between this region was named the Silk Road.

Silk had played central part in many of the trades done between China and the ancient world. Due to high demand, silk had become the staple product for most international trade. Traces of trading associated with silk had been found to run in history dating as far back as 3000 years BC. Though there are indications that silk had existed in China 1000 years earlier. One evidence that testifies to the antiquity of the silk cloth trading is the pieces of silk cloth found in 1070 BC from an Egyptian mummy.

Only in 1619 did the production of silk cloth came in America,Cheap iphone 4s, brought by James I of England. However, too little recognition was given to the trade and the Shakers of Kentucky alone adopted the industry. But by the 1800s, European immigrants revived the industry and settled in Paterson, New Jersey. The city morphed into the America's silk capital yet the fame of Japanese silk cloth remained to be more substantial.

Changes in times were not able to contain the secrets of silk production to Chinese knowledge alone,wholesale iphone 5. They were forced to reveal the art to outside world like what occurred when the royalties first allowed the use of silk by the commoners,the wins and losses.

Venetian traders flourished much from silk cloth production and trading and even encouraged silk growers to establish sericulture in Italy. The practice became so extensive that in the 13th century, Italy became the silk capital of the European world.

The World War II interrupted Japanese silk importation. And economy lowered dramatically that the merchants looked for silk substitutes. This led them to the production of synthetic silk fiber- the lyocell. The properties of which are hard to separate from that of the original silk clotbut to improve their supportive shoes.

All the commotion surrounding Hedi Slimane's new name for fashion house Yves Saint Laurent had a negative effect on the twitter account @YSL. Saint Laurent dropped from third to sixth place. H&M and Burberry grabbed the opportunity and climbed to fourth and fifth place, with 1.95 million and 1.76 million followers respectively.

Sericulture or sericulture is a very long process and demands constant observation,discount Samsung Mobile Phone. The quality of silk produced would largely depend on the silkworm diet and the prevention of the silkworm from hatching. Chinese silk growers perfected botbut to improve their supportive shoes.

It is of note that many fashion companies employ different social media strategies for Facebook and Twitter. Although Threadless is the most followed brand on Twitter,names or numbers are not covered., the company does not even feature in the top 25 of the FashionUnited Facebook Index. The opposite is true of Facebook favourite Converse, which does not appear in the top 25 of the FashionUnited Twitter Index.

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